You know you’re awesome… right?

You’re smart.  You’re funny. You make me feel good just by smiling at me.  If I only get to see you for 5 minutes every so often because our lives are so damned busy, I’m still a better and happier person for it because you are so awesome.

You know that, right?  That I adore you and you are so incredibly worthwhile, even if I never get a benefit from knowing you again?  That you simply being and living in the world I’m in is enough?  That I get to call you a friend and love you for being you is the icing on the cake.

Yes, there are times that you drive me crazy.  Usually, it has something to do with you not believing in your own awesomeness.  It pains me to watch you when you can’t see what a fabulous person you are as clearly as I can.

I know – my problem to deal with.  As long as I get to keep you in my life, I suppose there are worse things that periodically having to remind you that you are amazing.

You are, you know.  You’re awesome.


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