On getting older


You know, most people I know fight tooth & nail to avoid the march of time. Either makeup or exercise or just plain old denial that it does happen. If it makes them happy, so be it.

I’m good with it, truthfully. I know – “no ones like to think about getting older – means you’re closer to dying” – that’s the usual response.

Thing is there are lots of times in my life that, according to the MDs involved, I shouldn’t be alive any more. Hell, I shouldn’t be all that functional any more – there’s been a lot of random damage to me that should leave me less capable.

I look at it like this – I’m not even half way to the age span of some of my relatives. At the same time, I’m less than 15 years from my father’s death-age. Why should the process of getting older bother me? Other option isn’t exactly fantastic (though after that, I suspect I’ll care even less).

Spend time with those whose age is greater than yours. Find time to spend with those younger than you. Stop paying attention to the ages and start paying attention to the people as people. The awesome ones will help you love your life because they enrich it. Love your life and age becomes entirely irrelevant.


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